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Tricks to Make Your Corporate Head Shots Stand Out

1. Shoot with Robyn Davie Creative

We started shooting head shots in Los Angeles in 2013, and it was an amazing place to dive into the head shot market and learn a lot!

The two years there were filled with growth and development and were a huge learning curve from which we've continued to build our head shot style. We've now shot hundreds of head shot sessions, amounting to thousands of photos of clients over the years.

2. Always book your shoot during magic hour.

We are natural light photographers, and we utilise this light best in the early mornings and late afternoons. This time of day is called "magic hour" and it's when the light gets soft and flattering - so there's no need for squinting! This light is also gentle on wrinkles and creates a wonderful warm glow to images.

3. Break with the norm.

There has been a huge trend over the past few years to step away from studio photography and get into lifestyle photography - the main difference here being that instead of shooting in front of a dull plain white wall, we're shooting in a natural environment. This instantly makes the images more relatable, warm and engaging. These pictures pull the viewer in, and are far more likely to be clicked on and related to.

Ask us for our suggested locations.

3. Avoid wearing black or white.

White tends to over-expose in images, and black under-exposes. Both of these colours are quite harsh and cause too much contrast in an image. A much better idea is to go for off-whites (creams, beiges etc) or off-blacks (charcoals, greys, navy blues).

4. Take care of yourself

Drink lots of water in the days leading up to the shoot to flush out toxins and give your skin a nice, healthy glow. Aim to up your exercise routine before the shoot, and avoid eating oily, greasy foods. All of this will make your skin look better on the day!

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