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Marketing Bootcamp: How to Optimise Your Marketing

Ready to jump into our online courses but seeking a sneak peek into the adventure? Right here is where you get the full scoop!

Our courses go beyond the basics of creating a logo, setting prices, or boosting productivity. We offer a comprehensive approach to bringing your brand to life, improving your money mindset, and elevating your business from the ground up.

Have a read through the below:


Marketing Bootcamp: Creativity Meets Strategy


I get it, marketing is OVERWHELMING.

The algorithm is constantly changing, only 6% of your followers are seeing what you post, and all you really want to do is take beautiful photos/do gorgeous make-up/put together stunning floral arrangements, and not worry about CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT all day long.

I have been there. And while I do feel like I still have a lot to learn, I can definitely say that I’ve mastered a lot of things along the way.

I’ve come to truly appreciate QUALITY over quantity. I’ve come to understand that it shouldn’t feel like a struggle to market your business or brand – it should be fun and rewarding, and should tie into your daily tasks and schedule (and not over-run it!)

And most importantly, I can confidently say that I’ve figured out how to dedicate ONE DAY every three months to figuring out and planning out marketing material and content for the following three months!! And this has REVOLUTIONISED the advertising of my business (and I have a BIG business, with multiple facets).

And, well, I don’t believe in keeping business secrets. I believe in growing and improving our industry.

So. Strap in. Get ready to dive deep and lay the foundations which will allow your business to fly! By the end of this course, you’ll have all the skills you need to take your business to the next level!

Don’t wait any longer to get started on your journey to success – join us for our online courses today!


Each course is PACKED full of goodness - photos, videos, activities, quizzes and LOADS of information.

We're going to be digging deep on YOUR business, to make sure it's performing at it's best, and you're maximising on your efforts. Think of this like a hands-on, deep dive audit on your biz, with a phenomenal business coach!

We'll start by evaluating where you're at NOW, so you can truly measure your growth and improvements and celebrate them!

Are you tired of feeling like you're shouting into the void, struggling to get your brand noticed in a sea of competitors? Do you dream of building a thriving business that attracts your ideal clients, and allows you to do what you love every day?

In this course, we'll be laying the groundwork - figuring out the WHY behind what you do, tackling a deep dive on who YOUR target audience is, discussing storytelling and the power of narrative, crafting your marketing strategy, chatting about the power of reputation (and how YOU can build yours!), facing facts about advertising, and running through a bunch of fun other tidbits (like SEO, Pinterest, reel-creation), and SO MUCH MORE!

Did that convince you? Yes! YAY! Then let's dive in!
All of our courses are primarily targeted at creative small businesses - however these tips and tricks are applicable to a multitude of businesses out there! At the core of it all, all businesses operate in a very similar manner, and you'll be apply to apply the information contained to any biz model.


Robyn Davie is the CEO of the Robyn Davie Creative Studio brand, based in Johannesburg. Her all-female team offers lifestyle photography, photo book design, and studio rental through Fynn Studio. She has Psychology and Corporate Communication degrees, and is constantly pushing herself to learn more on a daily basis. She has more than 15 years combined experience, managing her company; working as an art director and wardrobe stylist; running her own jewellery line in Los Angeles; and working in events in New York and Johannesburg. Her brand has proudly partnered with the iStore from 2020-2023, and won multiple awards through Admired in Africa. Innovation is at the forefront of what they do - always adapting their product offerings, and aiming to stand out from the crowd with fresh, bold and bright photography.

In 2023 the Fynn brand is very excited to start offering guides and workbooks to empower other photographers and creatives!


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