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Breaking Barriers and Redefining Creativity: Get to Know the Fabulous Women Behind Fynn Studio

Once upon a time in the bustling city of Johannesburg, we planted a creative seed that has grown into something extraordinary.

Our journey began as a small photography venture led by the visionary Robyn Davie. From those humble beginnings, we have flourished into Fynn Studio, an all-female team of fifteen talented individuals who share a passion for capturing life's precious moments.


Since our inception, we have experienced dynamic growth as a brand, and established ourselves as a leading creative force in Johannesburg, South Africa. From our early days as a small photography venture, we have evolved into a thriving business, capturing the hearts of clients and audiences alike.

How have we done this?

Well, most photographers are one-human-islands, which means there's one seriously-overworked individual trying to book you in, document your session and edit your photos (never mind also run their entire business - marketing, accounting, you name it!)

With our team, we have prioritised having a person for each role - from our amazing office manager/ninja Grace, to our photographers, to our editors, to our graphic designers, to our studio team, to our marketing team, and all the way to Robyn herself, who oversees all project and team management and creative direction.

We truly believe that team work makes the dream work, and that excellent client care is at the forefront of everything that we do - and we aim to exemplify that on every project that we take on!

It is this human touch that sets us apart in a sea of competitors.

Led by Robyn, our founder and creative powerhouse, we embarked on a journey of creativity, authenticity, and relentless pursuit of excellence. What sets us apart from the crowd is not only our undeniable talent but also our unwavering commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of traditional photography and design.


But let's hear from Robyn herself:

I run a fifteen-member, all-female photography biz in Johannesburg, which incorporates a heap of fab services - photography, photo books, studio hire - and while the pandemic was on we offered graphic design services too!

I've been hustling my butt off since day one. I've never been one to follow the ol' corporate job path, so I've been polishing up my side hustles since I first got out of university, and I just haven't stopped!

I got myself a BA degree in Corporate Communication, while majoring in psychology, which has given me a great foundation in marketing and advertising, and a fab understanding of HUMANS!

I've spent time working as an art director, bartender, wardrobe stylist, model, vintage-clothing-reseller, cater-waiter, jewellery-manufacturer...

...and finally, while living in LA in 2013 and 2014 I found my way into photography!

Upon returning home to South Africa in 2015, I amped up my business and started taking on my first associate photographers. It's been an exciting and wild journey since then, that's seen me continue to grow and expand my business year after year (and double my revenue most years as well!).

The pandemic pushed us to the biggest pivot we've known - and we started offering graphic design, studio hire and photo book design all during this tumultuous time!

And now?

Well, I now run financial direction, marketing direction, team management and creative direction for my business.

I happen to know a few things about what goes into building a successful creative business, maximising on your revenue streams, crafting a marketing strategy that FREES up your time, and so much more!

One of my biggest loves is building businesses and brands - especially teaching business skills to other creatives (have you had a chance to explore my online courses yet?)


As our reputation grew, we began to assemble a remarkable team of talented individuals who share our vision and passion. Each member of our team brings their own set of skills and creative flair, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Fynn Studio. Our collaboration and collective expertise allow us to deliver remarkable results and exceed client expectations.

Our team is structured as follows:


This is the heart-and-soul of our business, and where it all started for us. We have five photographers on our team, and they cover all our photographic requests - primarily corporate and product photography, but we also love family and event shoots too!

These photographers are all hand-picked by Robyn herself, trained and mentored, and then sent out to cover photo shoots for us, under our brand.

All editing is taken care of in house by our four member editing team.

The photographers are all managed by our amazing photo team supervisor.


We have two photo book offerings - through Robyn Davie Photo Books, and through Fynn Photo Books.

There are two admin team members managing these bookings, and helping out with the design aspect.


We have two graphic designers on our team, and they handle all design requests - from logos to websites, and all the bits in between.


Our studio team is comprised of 3 to 4 studio assistants, a studio supervisor and a studio manager.

Our amazing team is all-female, because we fully stand behind the growth of female creatives in a previously male-dominated industry, and we simply just love the ability to build a community of all-women go-getters!


We are often adding to our team - and always have an eye out for energetic, creative, inspired and eager to learn individuals!

If you feel like that is you, you're welcome to pop through your CV, profile photo and a couple of paragraphs on which role you'd like, and why you feel you're a good fit for the team:




Robyn Davie Creative Studio is a brand with over a decade of experience in lifestyle photography and custom photo book creation. During 2020 they diversified into graphic and digital design, and have been happily creating branding for businesses around the world since then.

In 2021, the team launched Fynn Studio - a natural light studio space in Johannesburg, available for rent by photographers, creatives and clients.

The team has won multiple awards for their photography, and proudly partnered up with the iStore through 2020 to 2023. Innovation is at the forefront of everything they do.


All photos and designs in this post were created by the Robyn Davie Creative Studio team. All photos, designs and content are copyrighted to Robyn Davie Creative Studio.


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