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Six common design terms explained

If you're starting a new brand or looking to refresh an old one, approaching a designer or agency can be a bit over whelming - especially when they start throwing every bit of niche design jargon in their vocabulary your way.

Design should be accessible and understood by everyone, so we thought we'd take the time to break down six of the most common design terms, right here:

1. Mood/Inspiration board:

A moodboard is an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text, etc. intended to evoke or project a particular style or concept. Its basically the feeling (or visual aesthetic) you want your brand to convey.

2. Brand Identity:

Your brand identity is all the visual elements such as colours, logos, designs and shapes that identify and distinguish your business. It's what helps consumers distinguish your brand from a competitor, and make you instantly recognisable amidst the clutter of modern advertising.

3. Rebrand:

A rebrand is when you change the corporate image of a company or organisation. Rebranding can include freshening up the logo, abbreviating a brand name (eg: KFC) using more corporate colours or even revamping an existing website.


Your collateral is all the elements that will be designed after your brand identity has been established, such as websites, email signatures, letterheads or social media content. Collateral carries your branding, and creates a very distinct and recognisable visual element that will immediately tell your customers (both new and existing) that whatever they're looking at belongs to you.

5.Colour Palette:

A colour palette is an arrangement of colours that is suitable to your brand or preference. Colour palettes are used to keep a brand looking consistent through all the online and printed collateral.


Deep-etching: “is a graphic design term used to describe the process of removing a specific section of a photograph or image from its background so that it stands alone. This means that you can use just that part in a different way or on a different background,” says Turbofuture.

Need design work? Stuck with some random design terminology?

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